SMART Web Ideas Live Support


SMART Web Ideas Live Support


We have introduced some new very economical packages of web hosting for small scale companies wishing to have their own website. These low cost packages are now active and publicised.

Our existing customers can also switch to these low cost packages if they deem their current package is more than their requirements.

Hope we give you same high quality services as always.

we are striving to expand our services an this is one new section we introduced.

Hope you will find us just as good and fast in this area as in others.

Offering discount on many of our packages for a short period.

As we informed all our customers that we were to get the domain registration cpanel of our reseller account which we have got now. We have sent an email to all our customers regarding this news. So rush to get your resired pk domain sooner before it gets booked by someone else.

Many customers complained about us not giving them more facilities, so we have expended our reseller account to get pk and other countries domain registration facility. The domain will get registered in less than 48 hours.

There is a small price increase in the pk domain registration which we hope our customers will understand and cooperate.

Our website went offline for over 15 days for a major change and improvements. We have completed the update and informed all our existing customers about that through emails. The website is now a good combination of Javascripts, CSS, PHP and HTML. The contact form is also now fully operative. Feel free to send us any inquiries you may have.

Some customers suggested us to also improve our website and optimise that for mobile devices also. We have tried our best to give you just that facility so you can now even be in contact with us regardless of where you are.

We have circulated our latest newsletter to all our customers who are subscribed to our monthly newsletter. Some customers complain about not seeing the newsletter format properly in their emails. You can now view the new newsletter key points here also.

This month's newsletter was all about the following points:

New Services Started
Our Future Plans
New Price Increases

If you need to know more about the above, write to us, we will send you a copy of the newsletter again.

We improved and introduced new methods of marketing which are 100% positive to get you desired results. SEO and Social Marketing has a lot of scope for those new business that have just started and need publicity. Write to us for more details and pricing.

We have also designed some extra package for those new businesses that want to try out the SEO and Social marketing technique to boost their businesses. Feel free to check our details of SEO and Social marketing package.

On many customers requests to start SEO and Social Marketing service, we have at last got some dedicated team to tackle and look after customers who are interested in SEO and Social marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is highly in demand for new businesses who want their presence known on the internet and expand.